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Learning to fly will be one of the most rewarding endeavors of your life. At Sevier County Aviation our goal is to create the safest, most competent pilots whether you want a private pilot’s license or a career in aviation. 

We're Small.

Sevier County Aviation is a small FAR Part 61 and 141 flight school that was founded on one simple principal; to help people pursue their passion for flying. By keeping our school small we can focus on ensuring each student gets the one on one attention they need to become a successful, safe pilot.

We focus on you.

We offer some of the most competitive flight training rates in the country. We work with each individual to stay on track and ensure the most efficient, safe, and budget friendly path to achieving your flying goals.

Industry professionals to weekend warriors

Whether you want to pursue a rewarding career in aviation or just want to earn a private pilot's license for fun, we can help you achieve those goals. We offer a range from one time discovery flights to our Professional Pilot Program to fit all training needs.

Top Notch Maintenance

Our partner company, Sevier County Choppers, is one of the premiere Robinson Helicopter overhaul facilities in the country. We have a full staff of mechanics eager to not only teach, but keep our helicopters flying safely with minimal down time.

Professional Pilot Program

This is the crown jewel of our flight school. Students in this program earn all certificates and ratings to become Certified Flight Instructors with Instrument rating (CFII) in 6 months.

Making Professional Pilots

01. You will complete the training program in 6 months then begin working as an instructor and tour pilot. 

02. Students can choose to complete the Bell Turbine Helicopter Training Course and have an opportunity to fly a turbine helicopter as a tour pilot. 

03. We aim to bridge the gap from new CFII to an experienced, industry ready pilot. With the guaranteed CFI job and turbine transition option, pilots can be in career aviation jobs in as little as 3 years.


The average total cost for the program is $75,000 – $80,000.

Graduates of our Professional Pilot Program are able to build the flight hours they need to establish themselves in long-term careers as professional pilots.

What's included in the costs

01. Approximately 155 hours of flight time in a R-22, and at least 45 hours in a R-44. All ground instruction is included in the program cost. 

02. Ratings include:

  • Private Pilot Certificate - Helicopter
  • Instrument Rating - Helicopter
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate  Helicopter
  • Certified Flight Instructor  Helicopter
  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument - Helicopter

03. The total cost includes examiner fees, books, software, and a headset. These are paid directly by the student and can vary based on individual preferences.

Next Steps

We like to see our graduates succeed in establishing their careers. We are proud to offer a guaranteed path for them to get the experience they need to move quickly from the training environment to a fulfilling and sustainable career.

Getting Started in a career in helicopters

01. Review our frequently asked questions. We cover the most common questions students have to completing their training.

02. Schedule a discovery flight and visit the school.

03. Prepare the financial side of training. 6 months is a fast paced program. Unfortunately we don't offer any loan programs at this time.

04. Pay your deposit for a slot. Because we guarantee our graduates a job upon completion of the course, we have a limited number of slots available. Generally, we offer 3 - 4 training slots per year with one class starting in April and another in October. 

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